electronic music and art since 1998
electronic music and art since 1998


Neolectro Music is a sub-label of FM!network.

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FM!network is an multi-focused group of agencies founded in 2006 and operated by the all-rounder Martin Hollwitz also known as Neo Lectro. Originally it was just a collective of musicians (deejays, live acts, producers) from the area of Central Germany that was and still is open-minded towards every imaginable style of electronic music. Steadily in motion, the crew was – cooperating, experimenting, generating – in search for new challenges. But it grew up quickly to one of the most consistent and successful electronic music organisations of recent years. Based in Leipzig, Germany, the FM!network consists of digitall.FM! (digital- and net-label), the booking agency FM!booking (artist management & promotion) and the FM!community (electronic music board). Since the end of 2008 they fill-up the network spectrum with organizing and promoting parties, events and festivals affixed with the seal FM!events. Especially the Tekk Freakz series and electronic Fight Club.