Years ago Neo Lectro reached an omnipresent role in the regional electronic music scene and in the international netlabel scene, too. He is not only able to shine at own projects and releases but also at remixes for friendly artists or tracks which touch him deeply. Check out the following tracks which show some insights in his way to vary sound structures.

Syno – Awareness (Neo Lectro Remix)

Misha Smykk – Futuristic (Neo Lectro Remix)

Misha Smykk – Whisky (Drunken Girl Remix by Neo Lectro)

Misha Smykk – Neo Glamour (Glam And Shine Mix by Neo Lectro)

Neo Lectro – One and On (Original Mix)

Neo Lectro – Bobby Is A Winner

derKrumme – Psy-Fi (Original Mix)

Der Krumme – Come and Do It (Original Mix)